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Have you ever played a table tennis game against an opponent with a dynamic and systematic serving style? It so frustrating when you cannot beat your opponent. An impossible spin and different speeds and varied locations, you can never let the ball stop against the opponent. It is so desperate when you are doing more practice, but yet you still lose.

According table tennis table review, no matter how you can do two or three best serves to your opponent, if your opponent is a very strong player that can adapt easily to your tricks as the game progresses, then you will still end up losing the game. Most of the serious players will always find their ways on how they can catch up your serves. After which they will then give play backs at you leaving you a weak return of the ball. This the reason why it is much more significant to develop a better arsenal of ping pong serves. Because learning to have a best serve all the time could be that way to success of winning the game.