How Should You Wear Your Statement Jewelry

Jewelry can complement your outfit and emphasize your features. Statement jewelry is bold and striking. It can quickly grab attention, wherever you go. The most important thing is you must wear it properly. With only a single piece of statement jewelry, it can already make your outfit look stunning. Always remember to keep it as simple as possible. You can match your outfit with a single eye-grabbing piece. Be sure to create a perfect balance.

Statement Jewelry comes in various designs, sizes, colors, and styles. You can either choose cuff bracelets, cocktail rings or any other styles. They can truly make wonders regardless if you are wearing a simple dress. It can direct one’s attention to a certain part of your body that you want to emphasize.

Less is more. This is because you should permit these bold pieces to stand out. You should not overcrowd these pieces. It would be much better to wear them one at a time. However, if you really want to wear more then you should avoid wearing necklaces and earrings together. Likewise, rings and bracelets should not be worn at the same time.

For instance, a cuff bracelet and a pair of chandelier earrings are a great combination. Similarly, you can also wear a cocktail ring and a long necklace together. However, they should also coordinate. For instance, they must be made of the same metal. Its patterns and charms must not be conflicting

Layered chain necklaces are amazing, provided that you know how to wear them properly. Avoid layering a lot of strands together. And make sure that it does not have too much sparkle as you layer them.

If you are wearing a belt, do not wear long chain necklaces. It’s a bit too much. Instead, you can wear bib necklaces and wide choker. Let them take the center stage.

The key is to keep it simple. If you wear a simple outfit, you can complement it with large accessories. When wearing bold jewelry, you should avoid complicated patterns and adornments like sequins. Your goal is to make your statement jewelry stand out. To do this, you must match your outfit and jewelry wisely.

One or two statement jewelry and a petite black dress are a great combination. On the other hand, when wearing jeans and a white top, a perfect match would be a statement jewelry that is large, sparkling and colorful. Bright and detailed embellishments are great for neutral colors. Plain pieces can work well with patterned outfits. But be careful, you should not take the attention away from your bold pieces. Always use the same metal or color.

Multi-layered necklaces can stand out when paired with trendy or casual outfits. They can look great when worn with collared striped shirts and V-necks.  Leather jackets and tight ripped jeans can make you look cool. But you can even look cooler if you complement it with a bold necklace. This statement jewelry can also work well with your everyday outfits. Talbots is selling the best pieces of statement jewelry.

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